Past : DJ Cool Kat grew up in rural Pennsylvania and took to all kinds of music at a very young age.  He grew up in the 80’s and was part of the 80’s iconic Hip Hop, Break Dancin’ era.  His love for music inspired him to start learning to be a DJ.  He did his first scratch on a 45 record player.  As a sophomore in high school, he got to do his first DJ Gig for one of his high school dances. After this he was hooked. He taught himself how to beat match so he could start mixing music.  In 1985 He moved to the Greater Daytona Beach, FL area.
After relocating to Florida he continued with his passion for DJing, mixing and playing music of all genres.  After Graduating in the late 80’s He joined the Air National Guard and spent a lot of his time on active duty due to Desert Shield and Desert Storm.  Once he was released from active duty, he returned home to the Daytona area and continued to pursue his passion for DJing and started a mobile DJ Company with a friend.  DJ Cool Kat landed several residencies at clubs throughout the Daytona Beach area including Spanky’s, Scooter’s Pub, The Oyster Pub and would do some guest spinning at Razzles night club.  He has done hundreds and hundreds of events throughout Central Florida and established a residency at a popular night club in Brunswick, Ga Where he played every weekend.
Current:  In recent years DJ Cool Kat has develop the knack of remixing and producing music tracks from all genres, but has focused on country music in particular.  He does remixes and edits for several professional dj sites including Virtual Remixes, Extreme Remixes, The Beat Freakz, Bangaz.net and Bangin Remixes.  His Country Edits are played on 100’s of country music stations throughout the U.S.  His remixes and edits are also played at Country Superstar Concerts by touring DJs that he collaborates with.  He continues to do private events, parties and has done corporate events for Nascar, LPGA International.  His new found love of country and his old love of hip hop have combined to set the country music industry on fire.
DJ Cool Kat continues to collaborate with other great djs in the industry including Video DJs who want to do videos of his remixes and edits.  His passion for music and production set him apart from other djs and he has found his niche in the country music industry, which he loves so much.  He has over 190,000 plays and counting on his soundcloud page.


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Email: djcoolkat@gmail.com

Phone: 386-795-1969

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Facebook: www.facebook.com/djcoolkat

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