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DJ’s get your tracks at and load up your crates with some new ‘ISH!

bangin remixesBangin Remixes

Explore Bangin’ Remixes for some out-of-the-box mashups that could BANG your sets!

extreme remixesExtreme Remixes

All of your DJ needs on one site.  Check out DJ Kevin Allen’s page where you can preview dozens of his remixes!


Select Mix

Now in our 12th year, Select Mix ® is a leading DJ remix company, providing today’s working disc jockey with more variety, and more useful remixes than anyone else. We work closely with our customers to learn their needs, and present DJ remixes you can use in a variety of settings. Our remixes can be heard on popular radio stations, and in night clubs & event halls all around the world. Our catalog represents solid remixes from the best artists across nearly all genres of popular music. From the famed Select Essentials series, to our popular Old School and Rewind series, we have what you want! Get the best remixes, the best sound, and the most packed dance floors with remixes from Select Mix ® !

vj streetVJ Street

The Largest Online Videopool Service connecting VJ’s/DJ’s to the Music Industry with Quality Tagless Videos for all DJ Genres (Club, Wedding, Events & Lounge). 90,000 Titles of Classic Music Videos & Brand New Hits.  Search for “Kev Allen”!


mp4MP4 Remix

If you’re looking for music videos, we have a solution for ya!  Check out MP4 Remix to get some of the hottest tunes out there!


mixmastersMix Masters
Mix Masters is a multimedia company based in Chicago, Illinois since 1982 and is now currently 1 of the top entertainment sources in the Midwest. For many great years we have provided disc jockey, audio and visual services while earning 100% customer satisfaction for an endless amount of public, private and media related clients. Mix Masters, Inc. is looking forward to making your next event a great event. Thank you for your support and stay in the mix!

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