You can find my remixes on the following remix services.    If you’re a DJ looking for extended versions you’ll love these sources, so please support them.  


Select Mix

Now in our tenth year, Select Mix is a leading DJ remix company, providing today’s working disc jockey with more variety, and more useful remixes than anyone else. Our remixes can be heard on popular radio stations, and in night clubs & event halls all around the world.



Culture Shock

From 1998-2008, Culture Shock provided all the staples a DJ would need for an Alternative crowd, yet also appealing to the deeper fans with token electronic tracks, remixes, and rarities.  The Culture Shock Crew managed to expose the modern underground & alternative sound to the club crowds by introducing these mixes to radio & nightclub DJ’s that pushed the genre forward.  DJ Perry was proudly part of the Remix Crew during their later issues.